Admissions Process

We aim for quality over quantity.

Our admissions process is very selective, consisting of multiple filters that ensure our students' success upon graduation.

STEP 1:Motivational Essay (Optional essay for financial hardships)

Motivational essays help us better understand each candidate's intentions in applying to Artemis and their respective goals or desired outcomes from the program. An optional essay is available for candidates facing financial hardship who are unable to meet the cost of tuition. Artemis allocates a limited number of scholarships for each cohort.

STEP 2:Pre-work Assess

The Pre-work Assessment consists of a technical challenge that gauges the candidate's knowledge of web2 and blockchain concepts.

STEP 3:Submit Application

Once the Pre-work Assessment and Motivational essays are completed the candidate submits the application to be reviewed by our Admissions Council.

STEP 4:Interviews & Live Technical Challenges

The final stage of the admissions process consists of interviews with behavioral and technical questions/ challenges.