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The Web3 Problem

In a world where 1 in every 150 Web3 companies becomes a unicorn, demand for Web3 engineers has skyrocketed. But the transition from Web2 to Web3 is challenging, especially when educators are scarce.

+7,895 new monthly active developers +75% since january 2021

Developers per yer since 2015
Global technology talent shortage predicted by 2030
Global technology talent shortage predicted by 2030
Average Web3 experience


Artemis is creating the world's first top-tier, end-to-end educational program that not only teaches the next wave of blockchain entrepreneurs, but also enables them to create the future of blockchain innovation with a long-term mindset.

Artemis Ecosystem


the curious and talented apply for the program


Artemis filter pragmatically for quality, not quantity


students enroll in courses for optimal preparation


graduates are placed at leading blockchain companies or their business ideas are considered for Artemis investment


Value Prop

Top-tier blockchain education by crypto veterans, combined with the power of the Artemis network, strategic investment, and/or placement at top crypto companies
Access to student projects, placements at portfolio companies
Creation of a sustainable, long-term, trusted model
Pipeline of crypto entrepreneurs that help build and sustain the Olympus “econOHMy”


Q1 2022

- Mobilization/ program standup

Q2 2022

- Internal dry run

- POC cohort

Q3 2022

- Official launch

- 1st cohort launches

Q4 2022

- 1st cohort investments made

- Expand into non-technical MBA-style blockchain classes

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We strive for excellence by ensuring all students, instructors and leaders admitted respect and aim for the highest standards in the industry
Crypto is an ever-evolving environment and it's imperative that our students are well versed in all aspects as they become future builders.
We make financial investments in our students' projects, creating a self-sustaining revenue model without the need for subsidies or donations.
We're bringing the power of the Artemis network to build and foster a dedicated community of entrepreneurs, mentors, alumni, and strategic partners.